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20 Fun Facts About Sapphires

Sapphires are known for their brilliant blue color, but what else is there to know? These fun facts about sapphires will be sure to surprise you!

sapphire facts

When we think about the most popular gemstones, there are a few that come to mind. The sparkling diamond, the ravishing ruby, the luxurious emerald, and of course, the stunning sapphire. But how much do we really know about sapphires?

Well, for starters, sapphires are blue. Everyone knows that! But wait a minute. While blue is the most common color for a sapphire, did you know that sapphires can also be yellow, pink, orange, and purple? 

This is just one of the misconceptions about this precious gem that we’ll uncover with these fun facts about sapphires.

fun facts about sapphires
Sapphires are one of the most popular gemstone

If we didn’t just blow your mind that “sapphires aren’t always blue” fact, how about this one? Sapphire crystals are so scratch resistant that they are used in the Apple Watch and the manufacturing of windows.

Oh, and we’re just getting started with our sapphire facts. There is a lot more to come for all you sapphire fans. Let’s find out what the ancient Persians and modern-day royals have in common. And are sapphires an antidote to poison?

Come on, you must be intrigued now! It’s time to immerse ourselves in the glittering world of sapphires.

is sapphire a birthstone
Sapphires make for a popular engagement ring

20 Fun Facts About Sapphires

1. Shout out to the September babies

That’s right, if you are lucky enough to be born in the month of September then sapphire is your birthstone. If you see someone sporting a sapphire ring or necklace, it’s a pretty good bet that they were born in September.

2. Every color of the rainbow

Let’s get more in depth with what’s going on with the different colors of sapphires.

Trace elements of different minerals in addition to corundum can turn a sapphire on its head. Iron creates yellow sapphires, chromium creates pink sapphires, and a mix of both creates orange sapphires.

fun sapphire facts
Did you know sapphires can be a number of different colors?

3. When a sapphire becomes a ruby

Speaking of trace elements, if a sapphire has so much chromium that it turns a deep red, then it is no longer considered a sapphire, but a ruby. So the only color a sapphire cannot be is red. 

4. And then there was blue

Iron and titanium are the most common trace minerals that give a classic sapphire its blue color. However, chromium, copper and magnesium can also affect the shade. 

The most sought after is a deep cornflower blue, but the range of color can go from pale blue to deep indigo.

5. Strong sapphires

Sapphires are one of the strongest natural occurring substances on earth. Here’s one of the more intriguing sapphire facts: the only thing that can scratch a sapphire is a diamond.

On the Mohs scale of hardness sapphires and rubies measure 9.0. A diamond? 10.0.

worlds largest sapphire
This is the world’s largest sapphire – the Millennium Sapphire

6. The most famous sapphire

The world’s largest cut sapphire was discovered in Madagascar in 1995. It is known as the Millennium Sapphire and weighs in at an astonishing 6,500 carats! 

The sapphire has been expertly carved, and features great inventors and creators from history including Einstein, Mozart and Shakespeare. How cool is that!?

7. The Ten Commandments

Who knew a specific type of stone could be so controversial? The majority of Christians believe that The Ten Commandments were carved on simple slabs of gray stone. However, in rabbinical Judaism, the belief is that they were etched onto sapphire stone.

8. Sapphire and technology

Known for its scratch-resistant structure, sapphire crystals have many uses in our day-to-day life that don’t include fancy jewelry.

In fact, the screen of our Apple Watches contain sapphire crystals and many glass doors and windows also contain unscratchable sapphire!

sapphire trivia
Sapphires are used in so many day to day objects

9. Elite company

As we’ve been discovering throughout our sapphire journey, there aren’t many other gemstones that have quite the reputation, history, and value of a sapphire. 

Sapphires are considered one of the six precious gemstones. Can you name the other 5? We’ll help you out. Diamond, ruby, opal, pearl and emerald.

10. Where can I get my hands on a sapphire?

The three most famous blue sapphire mining regions in the world are Kashmir, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Madagascar and other countries in Southeast Asia are also part of the sapphire trade. 

If you’re looking for the highest quality and the best blue, Kashmir has the best reputation.

11. Seeing stars

Star sapphires are a sight to behold and one of our favorite fun facts about sapphires.

Asterism is an effect that comes from a special cutting of a sapphire. Once cut, a distinct pattern of a six-pointed star appears like magic when the sapphire hits a certain light.

cool facts about sapphires
The word sapphire is a Greek word meaning ‘blue stone’

12. Blue stone

The word sapphire comes to us from the Greek word, sappheiros, meaning blue stone.

Interestingly enough, when the Greeks came up with the word they weren’t describing sapphires, but another blue gemstone that was more abundant at the time, lapis lazuli.

13. Why is the sky blue?

The sapphire has been prized as a gemstone since around 800 BC and was considered a holy stone of epic proportions. The ancient Persians even believed that the sky was blue from the reflection of sapphire stones.

14. A royal gemstone

Not only were sapphires prized by the Persians and the Catholic Church, the English royal family also has a storied history with the gemstone. 

One of the most famous sapphires was the engagement ring Prince Charles gave to Diana. The same engagement ring now worn by Princess Kate Middleton.

sapphire information
This is NOT the same ring worn by Princess Diana!

15. The symbolism of sapphire

Sapphires have been known to represent many different things during the past 10,000 years!

Of course we mentioned the Persians and the skies and the heavens. But today sapphires are seen as a symbol of truth, good health, faithfulness, and guardianship.

16. The gift of sapphire

Sapphires are more than just a gift for people born in September. In fact, in traditional anniversary custom, a sapphire is the expected gift for a 45th anniversary. 

There is no wrong time to give a sapphire. They come in so many colors that there is a sapphire for everyone!

17. What a price tag!

The most expensive sapphire ever is known as The Star of Adam. It was discovered in Sri Lanka in 2016 and weighs in at a jaw-dropping 1,400 carats. How much will this sapphire set you back? Just a cool $100 million. 

worlds most expensive sapphire
This is the world’s most expensive sapphire – the Star of Adam

18. Don’t try this at home

In our discovery of sapphire facts, this one might be the wildest. In the middle ages it was believed that sapphire could be ground up and ingested as an antidote for poison. 

Popular in witchcraft, it was also thought that simply wearing a sapphire could cure all illness.

19. The rarest of sapphires

Are you ready for a mouthful? No, not of sapphire anti-poison, but of Padparadscha. This rarest of sapphires is only found in Sri Lankan rivers and is a stunning peach-pink color. It is considered one of the rarest beauties in the gemstone world.

20. It’s melting!

Not surprising considering its density and hardness, sapphires have an insanely high melting point. The only way to melt down sapphire is in a crucible of 3711.2℉. That’s downright molten! In comparison, butter melts at 82.4℉. 

Who wants more fun facts?

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Have we blown your mind with these sapphire facts? Or do you know any fun facts about sapphires that we might have missed? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to this list!

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