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20 Fun Facts About September

Are you looking for fun facts about September? From famous birthdays to National Cheese Pizza Day, check out these September facts now!

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Okay, we can understand if September gets you a little bummed out. The summer is a time for relaxation, celebration, and lounging in the warm sun without a care in the world.

When September rolls around we’ve deep in the summer groove, so going back to school or work with a sudden change to our schedule can be a shock to the system.

But hear us out, September is actually one of the most awesome months on the calendar. Plus, there are some pretty cool fun facts about September too.

The weather is still lovely and warm. The fruits and vegetables are at their peak. The leaves are beginning to change color. And we get to see our old friends who have maybe been away in the summer months. You see, there’s lots to be thankful for about September.

interesting facts about september
Have you ever wondered what September is famous for?

Keep on reading to discover why September is the most popular month to be born in. Also, you’ll discover there’s only one thing capable of scratching sapphire (September’s birthstone), and why this month is the best time to harvest onions.

And how can you deny doing a little dancing in September with one of the best dance-funk songs of all time? Ohhhhhh, do you remember… dancing in September!”

So come along for a ride into the first wave of fall. We promise these September facts will really amaze you!

september fun facts
It’s time to learn all about the month of September

20 Fun Facts About September

1. September the 7th month

If you’ve read our fun facts about January and February, you’ll know September was once the 7th month of the year, until the winter months became official on the calendar.

Septem means ‘seven’ in Latin, and the name for September has remained the same. Or else we’d be calling September, November.

2. September is on fire

The Romans believed September was ruled by Vulcan, the God of fire. Could it be the warm days? The leaves changing red? The lazy orange sunsets across the sky? Whatever their reasoning, it’s one of our favorite fun facts about September.

cool facts about september
September is also known as the harvest month

3. The Harvest month

To farmers or people with gardens it will come as no surprise that September is known as harvest month.

It is the most common month to till your grain, collect the fruits of your labor and start selling it to others. No wonder the farmer’s markets are always so packed in September!

4. Two interesting Zodiac signs

If you were born in September you will be represented in the Zodiac by either Virgo (September 1st-22nd) or Libra (September 23rd-30th).

Virgos are represented by the virgin and are known to be practical and analytical. Libras are represented by the scales and are known to be balanced and diplomatic.

5. The days are equal

In the northern hemisphere, September 22nd is the fall equinox. This means that the day and night hours are roughly the same. From here on out the daylight hours will begin to get shorter.

In the southern hemisphere, September 22nd is the spring equinox. This means the daylight hours will begin to get longer.

september trivia
The equinox falls in September

6. School is in session

For most students in the northern hemisphere, September signifies the start of the school year.

After the long summer vacation it’s always great to get some new clothes and school supplies and catch up with friends about their summers. September can feel like a fresh start!

7. What’s unique about September?

Here’s one of the more interesting September facts: Not only is it the month with the most letters; its nine total letters also equal its position in the calendar, the ninth month of the year.

September is the only month who can claim this strange bit of trivia.

8. National days in September

September is full of wacky days, including National Speak like a Pirate Day. Arrr, matey!

It’s also the month to take Grandma out for pizza and a pint. September is home to National Grandparents Day, National Cheese Pizza Day and National Drink a Beer Day. Cheers!

what is september famous for
Get your pirate costumes out the closet for National Pirate Day

9. Hot off the presses

The first newspaper in the United States was published on September 25th, 1690 in Boston. The newspaper was called “Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick”. That’s quite the mouthful for a newspaper! The paper was short-lived however, as the ruling British disagreed with its contents.

10. A beautiful birthstone

Sapphire is the official birthstone of September. Most often known for its blue color, sapphires can also be pink, orange, yellow or green. The common sapphire is blue due to high contents of titanium and iron.

Here’s an interesting fact: The only naturally occurring thing that can scratch a sapphire is a diamond.

11. Flowers of love

The birth flowers that represent September are forget-me-not, morning glory and aster. The forget-me-not is said to represent love and memories (maybe of a summer romance?)

The morning glory represents unrequited love. The aster? You guessed it… love. We’re thinking September may take over from February as being the most love-obsessed month.

birth flower of september
Forget-me-nots are the birth flower for September

12. An important documentary

The film One Day in September narrated by Michael Douglas is the only film with September in the title to win an Oscar. It won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2000.

The film documents the brutal killings of 11 Israeli athletes during the 1972 Summer Olympic in Munich, Germany on September 5th, 1972.

13. Look up at the moon

A full moon in September is known as the corn moon or harvest moon. Corn is at its highest in September, and the harvest is set to begin. Plants ready to harvest in September include apples, raspberries, onions and green beans.

14. Does this involve math?

Here’s one of the more nerdy September facts. In any year, no month ends on the same weekday as September. However, each September begins on the same weekday as December

There must be some kind of math going on to figure something like this out. Our brains hurt just thinking about it!

september facts
Serena Williams is one of the most famous people born in September

15. Famous September Virgos

If you’re thinking of becoming a music superstar and were born a September Virgo you might just make it big! Some of music’s biggest names including Beyonce (September 4th, 1981), Freddie Mercury (September 5th, 1946), Pink (September 8th, 1979), and Amy Winehouse (September 14th, 1983) are all September Virgos!

16. Famous September Libras

Maybe you’re striving to become a world class athlete. If you were born a September Libra you might be well on your way. Tennis champions Serena Williams (September 26th, 1981) and Simona Halep (September 27th, 1991), NBA superstar Kevin Durant (September 29th, 1988) and race car driver Max Verstappen (September 30th, 1997) are all September Libras!

17. A day that will never be forgotten

Sadly, one of the most recognized September days is a very tragic and somber one. On September 11th, 2001 the United States was targeted with the single deadliest terrorist attack in history. Four hijacked planes crashed in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania with 2,977 fatalities.

what is september known for
The memorial to September 11 still shines bright today

18. An important day for democracy

It was on September 17th, 1787 at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that the US Constitution was signed.

This document, ratified by 12 US states, laid out the framework of the nation’s federal government and established its three branches, executive, legislative and judicial. This is one of the most patriotic September facts we discovered!

19. Let’s sing a song!

September seems to be a popular month to write about in hit songs across all genres! There’s the punk rock anthem, Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day, the Frank Sinatra classic, The September of My Years, and the dance-funk hit, September by Earth, Wind and Fire. Hey, wanna dance?

20. A lot of babies!

If you’re ever wondering what happens in September, well it’s the most popular month to be born in! It isn’t even a close race. September has 9 out of 10 of the most popular birth dates with September 9th being the most popular date. It must be those cold winter nights that lead to so many September babies!

Who wants more fun facts?

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Were these fun facts about September ac-Sept-able to you? Or did we miss something important about the harvest month? Let us know in the comments!

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