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15 Fun Facts About Aquarius

Are you looking for fun facts about Aquarius? From why they’re natural born leaders to odd personality traits, check out these Aquarius facts now!

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If you were born in the depths of the winter, chances are you are represented by the water-bearer, Aquarius. Aquarians are eccentric free-thinkers that are often in service to the common good.

Keep reading to uncover many new fun facts about Aquarius, including personality traits, relationship compatibility, and the Aquarius ruling planet of Uranus.

While both the name Aquarius and the representation of the water-bearer point to it being a water sign, Aquarius is actually the third air sign of the zodiac along with Libra and Gemini.

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Do you want to know all about the Aquarius personality?

People born in Aquarius are very open-minded and can see a problem from many different perspectives. This makes them the deepest thinkers in the zodiac and they often come up with big ideas and out-of the box concepts.

In horoscopes, Aquarius is represented by two horizontal waves of water. Up in the night sky, the constellation of Aquarius can be seen between Capricorn and Pisces and is in the shape of a water jug.

The biggest fear for Aquarius is not taking action in striving for the public good. An Aquarian hates feeling useless or under-utilized, because they want to stand out and be known for their individuality and independence.

We see you Aquarius! You’re here to change the world and the rest of us are just along for the ride! Here are some more fascinating Aquarius facts that might describe you.

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We really hope you enjoy learning all about Aquarius

15 Fun Facts About Aquarius

1. Aquarius is an independent lone wolf

Aquarius is one of the most introverted signs in the zodiac. They can make friends easily, but it is not in their nature to cultivate close friendships that need a lot of attention or work.

Instead, Aquarians prefer to be alone with their ideas so they can process their thoughts and problem solve. This can lead Aquarius to be independent to a fault and to lose track of their friendships and other relationships.

2. Aquarius is a free-spirit

With independence comes freedom, and this is one of the things that Aquarius craves the most. Aquarius needs space to create and often feel that others can hold them back. An Aquarius will not bend or change to suit someone else’s ideal.

This makes Aquarians such amazing travelers. So, if you have the desire to travel and see the world, this might be why!

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Aquarians are definitely free spirits!

3. Aquarius is a little kooky

Whether it’s their eye for funky fashion or their taste in obscure and experimental music, Aquarius marches to the beat of their own drum.

Being one of the most creative signs, Aquarians are most likely to do their own thing and not care what others think of them. We say let your freak flag fly Aquarius!

4. Aquarius the philosopher

An Aquarius spends a lot of their time with their head in the clouds trying to explain the unexplainable. They may seem distant at times, often upsetting others with their aloofness.

However, this inattention is often the result of an Aquarius trying to think something through. Don’t disturb an Aquarius who is deep in thought, because you might be on the receiving end of the famous Aquarius death glare.

5. Aquarius vs Leo

There are 12 representations of the zodiac, which means that each sign has a polar opposite. For Aquarius that is the fire sign of Leo. While the extroverted Leo like to seek attention, Aquarius gives attention to everyone equally.

Interestingly, opposites do attract, as the Aquarius-Leo relationship brings together the potent combination of Leo’s big heart and Aquarius’s big mind.

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Which of these Aquarius zodiac facts is most like you?

6. Aquarius in the sky

Listed as one of the original 48 constellations by 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, Aquarius is a cluster of stars shaped like a water jug, situated between Capricorn and Pisces. The brightest stars in the constellation are called Alpha and Beta Aquarii.

Here’s one of the more interesting facts about Aquarius: the Aquarius constellation is the dimmest of all the zodiac constellations and one of the hardest to find.

7. Aquarius in the bedroom

Aquarius is known to be fiercely independent, which can make them seem uninterested or too cool for school in the bedroom.

However, Aquarians are extremely open-minded, and once their comfortable to let their passion out, they can be one of the most adventurous and daring lovers.

We can only imagine the things a deep-thinking Aquarius might come up with! We could be in mind-blowing territory here!

8. Aquarius and health

Aquarians are known to be strong with good posture and coordination. With their deep-thinking and problem solving skills, Aquarians also have especially healthy and active brains.

On the unhealthy side, being stuck in their heads can lead Aquarius to inactivity and weight gain. They can also ignore their health when dedicated to helping others.

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The signs of Aquarius are air and water

9. Aquarius and the other air signs

Of all the air signs, Aquarius is the most intense and dedicated. The other air signs, Libra and Gemini, can help get Aquarius out of their heads, while still understanding Aquarius’s passion and drive.

Aquarius is very compatible with Libra and Gemini because they balance each other out. Aquarius knows when to get serious and Libra and Gemini know when to encourage playfulness and remind Aquarius of the joys of life.

10. Aquarius is stubborn

When an Aquarius has their mind set on something it is best to simply get out of the way! Aquarius is known for having strong ideas and opinions and will not change them to fit someone else’s ideal.

Aquarians live in their own worlds with their own belief systems and no one can change their minds except themselves.

11. Aquarius doesn’t sweat the small stuff

This is one of the more interesting Aquarius facts: Since Aquarius is often focused on big thinking and grand ideas, they are actually very chilled out and relaxed when it comes to the little things.

This makes Aquarius one of the kindest zodiac signs on a surface level. If it’s pizza toppings or what movie to watch on Netflix, Aquarius will go with the flow.

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Aquarians definitely go with the flow

12. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus

These two fun facts about Aquarius and Uranus will have people thinking you’re an astrological genius! The planet Uranus governs technology and innovation, making it the perfect ruler for the deep-thinking and focused Aquarius.

Both Uranus and Aquarius have a rebellious and revolutionary vibe and together they are the most untraditional and quirky zodiac/planet combination.

13. Aquarius wants to change the world

After an Aquarius has had time away for deep thought and internal problem-solving, they develop an unwavering belief and laser focus. There is no half-assing it with Aquarius! And don’t even dare try to make them change their mind!

Often an ideal is so important to an Aquarius that they can disregard the feelings of others in order to focus on the details of their world-changing idea.

14. Aquarius the visionary leader

People born under Aquarius are fiercely independent and are natural born visionaries and leaders. Some famous Aquarians who fit this ideal include, Oprah Winfrey, Rosa Parks, Michael Jordan, Galileo Galilee and Abraham Lincoln.

The greatest inventor and forward thinker of all time, Thomas Edison, was an Aquarius, born February 11, 1847.

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Aquarius might just be the best parents of all the zodiac signs

15. Aquarius as a parent

People born in Aquarius might just be the best parents of all the zodiac signs. Most important to the Aquarius parent is to support their children’s freedom and independence. Aquarius parents also embrace their quirky side and encourage it in their children.

Being so adept at seeing problems from both sides, Aquarius parents also have an innate ability to peacefully resolve any situation.

Who wants more fun facts?

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Which our our fun facts about Aquarius do you think is the most true?

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