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21 Fun Facts About The Flash

The DC Comics speedster is one of the most beloved superheroes of all-time. Come find out why with these amazing facts about the Flash!

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Without a shadow of a doubt, the Flash is one of the most iconic characters in the DC Universe. 

The Scarlet Speedster was introduced way back in 1940 as Jay Garrick, and then reimagined in 1956 as Barry Allen – the Flash that most of us know today.

But how much do you really know about the Flash and the character’s impact on the world of comics and the DC Universe?

With these fun facts about the Flash, we’ll discover how the character had a hand in reviving DC Comics after World War II, while also uncovering a lot of unknown facts about the Crimson Comet.

the flash movie facts
How much do you know about the Flash?

For example, did you know that an original copy of Flash Comics #1 in mint condition is worth up to $1 million? Or that the 2023 film sees two iconic versions of Batman interacting with the Flash? 

We’ll dive into everything Flash-related, from heroic sacrifices to murderous rage to the small golden wings on the Flash’s head.

From the successful TV series, to the not-so-successful TV series, to the stories between the pages and on the big screen, the cultural phenomenon of the Flash cannot be overstated.

Get ready to learn something new about the Grand Vizier of Velocity! Let’s fly through these Flash facts at superspeed!

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It’s time to dive into all our Flash trivia!

21 Fun Facts About The Flash

1. When was the Flash created?

The first introduction to the Flash/Barry Allen was in 1956 in Showcase #4. While comics were popular in the 1940s, after World War II stories about superheroes fell out of favor.

However, with the re-invention of the Flash character in 1956, among many other new comic book superheroes, the genre began to flourish again.

2. What is the Flash’s origin story?

Barry Allen is a forensic chemist known for being slow and always late. Then one night while working in his laboratory, a batch of chemicals is struck by lightning soaking Barry from head to toe.

Upon gaining consciousness Barry discovers he possesses superhuman speed among a whole host of other superpowers.

the flash information
Did you know there’s been more than one Flash?

3. Who was the original Flash?

Here’s one of the fun facts about the Flash that surprised us – there was another character named the Flash that DC Comics introduced 16 years before the Flash we know today.

The original Flash, Jay Garrick, first appeared in January 1940 in Flash Comics that produced 104 issues until 1949.

4. Actors who have played the Flash

The Flash has been a staple of the DC Universe for decades and many actors have portrayed Barry Allen on film and television. 

Some of the most popular Flash’s include Grant Gustin on the TV series’ Arrow/The Flash and John Wesley Shipp in the 1990 Flash TV series. Ezra Miller plays the Flash in the 2023 film.

5. Who are the Flash’s biggest adversaries?

The Flash has come up against some powerful super villains during his time in the DC Universe.

There’s Godspeed, who starts off as Flash’s partner only to turn evil in an effort to avenge his brother’s death. There’s Mirror Master who can travel to alternate dimensions through reflective surfaces. And there’s Gorilla Grodd, a telepathic gorilla that uses mind control.

enemies of the flash
Godspeed is one of the Flash’s biggest enemies

6. Who is the Flash married to?

The Flash’s longtime partner is Iris West. She made her first appearance alongside Barry Allen in Showcase #4.  

Iris is a reporter for Picture News and often laments Barry Allen’s lateness. She discovers Barry’s secret identity when she hears him talking in his sleep.

7. How is the Green Arrow related to the Flash?

While the Green Arrow and the Flash don’t come into contact very often in the comic book realm of the DC Universe, they are the main characters in the successful TV franchise known as the Arrowverse.

The Flash was so popular on the TV series Arrow that the character was spun off into its own series that ran from 2014-2023.

8. The most valuable issue of the Flash

Looking for the most mind-boggling Flash facts? How about this – Flash Comics #1, with only 48 unrestored copies in circulation, will fetch you $1,000,000! Even a tattered copy would sell at upwards of $35,000.

when did the flast first appear

9. Details about the 2023 Flash film

The 2023 film The Flash, released in June 2023, is set to become a new tentpole series in the DC Universe. 

The film stars Ezra Miller as the Flash and Ben Affleck as Batman. Interestingly, the film also re-introduces Michael Keaton as Batman, who arrives from an alternate universe of the 1989 and 1992 Batman films. Sounds confusing, doesn’t it?

10. Is the Flash part of the Justice League?

Yes! The Flash is one of the most powerful superheroes in The Justice League. Some even argue that the Flash is even more important than Superman. 

The famous rule the Flash always follows is: “Bystanders first. Problem second.” If the Justice League is about protecting people, then the Flash is the true leader of the group.

11. The 1990 Flash TV series

Before the success of the Flash series on CW that ran for 9 seasons, another small screen adaptation was attempted in 1990.

Running for only one season and 22 episodes, The Flash was well-received but the ratings were only mediocre, since the show competed in a time slot against The Simpsons and The Cosby Show.

the flash tv series
There was a TV show about the Flash in the 1990s

12. Who is the Reverse Flash?

We purposely left out Reverse Flash from the earlier fact about the Flash’s greatest adversaries, because Reverse Flash deserves a lot more attention.

Often referred to as the Flash’s arch-nemesis, Reverse Flash first appeared as Professor Zoom in The Flash #139 in 1963. Reverse Flash is able to manipulate time, alter history, and erase people from existence. He has quite the superpowers!

13. Batman, the Flash, and the button

In 2017, an epic crossover of Batman and the Flash occurred with The Button. The four issue series focused on Batman and Flash working together to investigate a mysterious button that appears in the Batcave.

14. There’s many versions of the Flash

If you’re not a comic book fan or a stalwart of the DC Universe, you may find the revolving iterations of the Flash confusing. You’re not alone! 

In fact, there are over 16 versions of the Flash across all media, and that number will only keep growing as time goes on and other timelines open up.

fun facts about the flash
There are over 16 versions of the Flash across all media

15. The geographical facts about Central City

The hometown of the Flash, Central City, is not as established as other DC cities like Gotham and Metropolis.

In fact, Central City has been reported to be in Ohio, Missouri, and Oregon and have a population spanning from 290,000 to 14 million.

16. What other superpowers does the Flash have?

The ability to move at superspeed is only one aspect of the Flash’s superpower repertoire. 

The Flash also has accelerated healing, decelerated aging, flight, increased perception, supercharged brain activity, and superhuman endurance. Is there anything the Flash can’t do?

17. Who’s faster, the Flash or Superman?

Here’s one of the Flash facts that really surprised us – The Flash is faster than Superman! 

This has been a fan debate for many years, but it was revealed in The Flash #49 that even Superman can’t catch up with the Flash’s superspeed.

the flash vs superman
Did you know the Flash is faster than Superman?

18. The one where the Flash sacrifices himself

The Crisis on Infinite Earths, released in 1985, is one of the main crossover events in the DC Universe. 

In the 12-issue series, the Flash is held prisoner by the Anti-Monitor, and in order to stop the villain from destroying the Multiverse, the Flash sacrifices his life.

19. Has the Flash ever murdered anyone?

While the Flash lives on the code of protecting bystanders and not killing, there have been a few times where the Flash has been driven over the edge into murderous rage.

Most notably, after Reverse Flash kills Iris West and then attempts to kill the Flash’s new girlfriend Fiona Webb, the Flash snaps and murders Reverse Flash.

20. What are those little wings on the side of the Flash’s head?

Did you know that the Hermes wings on the side of the Flash’s ears aren’t just a costume flourish? 

In fact, these wings are earpieces that amplify sound so the Flash can hear over the wind created by his own superspeed.

dc comic characters
You could argue the Flash saved DC Comics!

21. The Flash revamp that saved DC Comics

This is one of the facts about the Flash that really shows how important this superhero is to the DC Universe.

When the Flash was reimagined with the Barry Allen iteration in 1956, the success of the new character encouraged DC to reimagine its other characters leading to the DC renaissance.

Who wants more fun facts?

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We really hope you enjoyed all our facts about the Flash! Did you learn something new? 

If there’s any Flash facts we missed, you can let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to this article! 

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