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15 Fun Facts About Pugs

Looking for the best fun facts about pugs? From ancient pugs older than Jesus Christ to a pug saving a Prince from death, check out these pug facts now!

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They’re chubby, funny, loving and downright adorable. It’s no surprise that pugs are one of the most popular breeds of dogs for owners to have.

They sometimes get a reputation of being dopey clowns of the canine world, but read on and these fun facts about pugs will convince you otherwise.

Throughout history pugs have stood the test of time, with plenty of fierce stories to boast. Pugs are still labelled as lazy or stupid because of their goofy attitude and playful nature, but in this article you’ll learn that pugs are like no other dog breed. Also, their origin story is crazy!

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Come on. How cute are pugs!?

Known for their standout features of a wrinkly, flat face and a small, curled tail, the pug is one of the most loyal dogs you could ever own. You might not think of them as being brave and strong, but what they don’t have in aggression they make up for with their golden hearts. Pugs really will follow you to the end of the Earth.

If you are a lover of pugs, dogs or animals in general, then these pug facts will leave you amazed at how much history and personality these friendly fur babies have to show.

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If you love pugs, this is the article for you!

15 Fun Facts About Pugs

1. Grumble in the jungle

Do you know what the collective noun for pugs is? It’s a grumble of pugs!

Whilst some sources claim this comes from their Dutch name, ‘Mopshound’, it is just as fun to think that one day somebody looked at a bunch of pugs snorting and grunting, and simply decided that they would be known as a ‘grumble’.

2. Shower me with pugs and kisses

Our grumbly friends may seem bashful and sometimes care-free, but deep down they are incredibly sensitive beings. A pug is said to be intuitive to the feelings of the owner, which demonstrates their loyalty and compassion.

Some people have even described pugs as ‘shadows’ because of how much they want to follow their owners around. They are the epitome of man’s best friend.

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Pugs are one of the most loyal dog breeds

3. Pugs of biblical proportions

Pugs are a popular breed in the modern world, but did you know that they were a popular breed in the ancient world too?

American Kennel Club estimates that the lineage of our wrinkly-faced friends can be traced backwards as far as 400 B.C. During these times, they were known to be the preferred pets of Chinese Emperors. Regal.

4. Wrinkle readings

Whilst on the topic, in ancient China it was believed that you could read the wrinkles of a pug. Originally bred for the Emperors, pugs later became extremely popular all around the country. Why wouldn’t you want to have a pet who has the symbol for ‘love’ naturally appearing in their appearance?

It is believed that the ancient Chinese originally intended for pugs to have wrinkles resembling the symbol for ‘prince’.

5. Always monkeying around

If you have ever owned or looked after a pug, you might already know they are very silly and playful. Pugs actually rank 108th out of 130 dog breeds for intelligence, putting them in the ‘below average’ bracket.

Until the mid-1700s, pugs were still called ‘mopshounds’, and marmoset monkeys were initially known as ‘pug’ monkeys. It is still uncertain how pugs managed to pip the monkeys for the cute title.

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What fortune do you see in this pug’s wrinkles?

6. Fearless warriors

Pugs, in comparison with other breeds, show remarkably less fear towards strangers than their canine peers, with a roughly average fear of noises and other dogs.

What they lack in fear they make up for in separation anxiety. As mentioned earlier, your pug really doesn’t want to be apart from you!

7. Sitting, waiting, wishing

Pugs are quite sedentary creatures, especially when stacked up against other breeds of dog. There are multiple reasons that make pugs less eager to sprint for hours outdoors, but mainly their physical capabilities just don’t allow for extended exercise. They are not lazy by any means, but they know their limits. Just like us, right?

8. Pugs throughout the years

The way pugs look today isn’t how it’s always been. Historical paintings and drawings of pugs depict creatures with much longer legs and slimmer, more muscular bodies. Pugs were bred by humans to be much smaller and subsequently suffer brachycephalic airways syndrome.

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We are just loving all of these fun facts about pugs!

9. Wisdom beyond words

For a dog breed, pugs live quite long and fruitful lives overall. The world’s fourth oldest dog to ever be recorded was a pug named Snookie, a South African resident who passed away in 2018 at the unbelievable age of 27 years. Pugs usually live around 12-15 years on average.

10. Pug of war

This is definitely one of the most fascinating pug facts in our list. Although pugs are not known to be as intelligent as many other breeds, they are still smart dogs.

During the Dutch revolution, William I’s camp was ambushed in an assassination attempt. William’s pug, Pompey, managed to wake him up before he was inevitably murdered by the Spanish. Heroes don’t always wear capes.

11. House of Orange

Because of Pompey’s act of service in saving his master (and Prince of Orange) William I, the pug was made the official dog breed of the House of Orange in 1572.

Above William’s tomb, his effigy shows his loyal companion Pompey by his side. When William III eventually came to rule England in the 17th century, he brought his own pugs along with him.

We would definitely join the ‘Order of the Pug’

12. Order of the pug

In the 18th century, Roman Catholics that were forbidden by the Pope from joining the Freemasons went rogue and created their own group – The Order of the Pug.

If you wanted to join this group you would need to demonstrate your devotion by kissing the ‘Grand Pug’ (made of porcelain, thankfully) under his tail. This group was later banned itself, but it’s legacy still lives on today.

13. The DNA test results are in…

Pugs are commonly said to be a direct relation of the bulldog. This is a complete myth though.

DNA tests have proven that despite having similar characteristics such as the flat face or wrinkles, the pug shares its origins with the Pekingese, drawing on their ancient Chinese heritage.

14. Room for one more?

Josephine was not the first love of Napoleon, and vice-versa. In fact, before Napoleon came along, Josephine was smitten by her pug companion, Fortune. On the night of their marriage, Napoleon wanted Josephine to kick Fortune from the marriage bed. Fortune instead decided to bite Napoleon and teach him a lesson.

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Okay, just one more pug photo!

15. Peace and pugs

The earliest records modern society has uncovered about pugs reveal that in ancient Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, pugs were kept as pets. There is a Tibetan legend that if a child manages to touch a golden eagle just after it hatches, it will transform into a pug dog. Transcendental.

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