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15 Fun Facts About Sagittarius

From personality traits and relationships, to sense of style, you’ll be amazed by these fun facts about Sagittarius.

facts about sagittarius
You’ll learn lots about this zodiac sign in these fun facts about Sagittarius

How to identify a Sagittarian? Just look for someone who’s pulled a crowd as they talk about a controversial topic! Sagittarians are known for being brutally honest and unbelievably impulsive. Sometimes they just can’t stop themselves from saying what’s on their mind without a second thought about the consequences!

Born between November 22nd and December 21st, these are people with an infectious zeal for life and an insatiable thirst for adventures. In this post it’s time to find out some really fun facts about Sagittarius like the fact that they are the biggest pranksters you’d find on this planet. These guys absolutely love cracking jokes.

sagittarius facts
These Sagittarius facts might surprise you!

Celebrities like Ben Stiller, Samuel L Jackson, Anna Faris, Sarah Hyland, Jamie Foxx, and Brad Pitt all belong to the Sagittarius zodiac sign. What’s the common thread here? Each one of them has impeccable comic timing.

So if you’re already intrigued, it’s time to find out some more fun facts about Sagittarius.

15 Fun Facts About Sagittarius

1. They love being fiercely independent

Sagittarians love their freedom and they want to protect it at all costs. So much so, that they are often tagged as being ‘commitment phobic’. These free-spirited souls can’t stay in one place for too long. So, it’s very very important for them to be fiercely independent.

2. They’re impatient

Now if you are this dead honest about everything, getting into a brawl becomes an everyday event for you. Sagittarians are innately hot-headed and incredibly impatient. They like to be on a constant move. If they somehow end up being stuck in one place, they tend to become restless and impatient.

interesting sagittarius facts
There are plenty of interesting Sagittarius facts

3. They’re full of energy

Sagittarius is a fire zodiac sign and a true blue Sagittarian is the one who is full of energy and vitality, no matter what time of the day it is.

4. Luck and success chases them

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius always manages to attract success and good fortune with a sense of effortlessness. They are at times almost unrealistically optimistic about everything in life. However, with that kind of attitude, attracting success comes easy to them.

weird facts about sagittarius
Did you know any of these facts about Sagittarius before?

5. They’re human lie detectors

Since they themselves do not see the point of lying, Sagittarians are capable of seeing through all kinds of acts. You simply can’t deceive them. They have sharp, intuitive minds.

6. They’re extroverted introverts

They will talk your ears off one day, and be calm and quiet the next. There’s no in-between. Yes, they are social creatures but at the same time, they are protective about their privacy.

weird facts about sagittarius
This is an interesting star sign for characteristics and personality traits

7. They love to be the life and soul of the party

Blessed with a killer sense of humor and high energy levels, the Sagittarius in the room often ends up being the life of the party. Well, they love being the center of attention after all.

8. They love experimenting with style

As mentioned earlier, those born with a Sagittarius sign are adventurous souls. They love experimenting with their looks. They are often the trendsetters since they usually have a unique (and often bizarre!) sense of style.

9. They struggle to commit, but the throw themselves into love

One of the most interesting fun facts about Sagittarius is that they are usually very casual about their love lives and are even perceived as ‘commitment phobic’. But once they find the love of their life, they are a sight to see! There will be a lot of grand romantic gestures, fun holidays in exotic destinations, and a lot of passion too.

fun facts about sagittarius
Are you a Sagittarius? How many of these facts did you already know?

10. They always have to be right

It’s very difficult for a Sagittarius to accept that he or she’s incorrect about something. They tend to go to whatever extent needed in order to justify their points (or behavior). If they’ve agreed to be fallacious, it’s because they are not in the mood to fight. Otherwise, it’s simply not possible!

11. They might break the rules

Almost every major life decision of a Saggitarius is dictated by an innate need to lead a life of freedom and adventure. You can’t cage a person like that with rules, routines, or oppressive societal structures. They love making their own rules and they set their own terms and conditions for life. They might be rebellious, even from a young age.

sagittarius facts
We think there are lots of Sagittarius facts to learn

12. They love to play detective

Sagittarians are tremendously intuitive and they are curious about anything and everything. On top of that, they have a sharp intellect and superhuman observational skills. Just spend 15 minutes with a Sagittarian and he or she will have found out things about you that you’ve never shared before.

13. No emotional dramas

When looking at Sagittarius facts you’ll probably read that Sagittarians can be very dramatic, but that’s often just to entertain the crowds. In reality, they are not very emotionally charged and don’t like to gossip. In fact, melodrama can be a bit of a turn-off.

unusual sagittarius facts
Some of these unusual Sagittarius facts will surprise you

14. They’re foodies

Dedicated to living an exciting, joyful life, Sagittarians don’t think twice before trying out weird delicacies that no one else would dare sample. They are hard-core foodies and adore trying new things.

15. They’ll probably die chasing a passion

Time to round off this list of fun facts about Sagittarius by talking about the last days on the planet. The passion and zest for life continues throughout. So even towards the end of their lives, they might find be exploring far-off lands, risking it all for one final adventure.

Who wants more fun facts?

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these Sagittarius facts. If you think there are any facts we’ve missed out, let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to our list!

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