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21 Fun Facts About Aries

Looking for the best facts about Aries? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this passionate and temperamental star sign.

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Strong-willed? Check. Determined? Check. Tenacious? Check. Creative? Check. If you’re an Aries, you have a lot of positive energy on your side!

Not only are you goal-oriented and head strong, you also have a passion for life and an extroverted attitude that will carry you to the highest echelons of business, pleasure, and romance.

But beware Arians, there may be some obstacles along the way. All this fiery energy, ruled by the planet Mars, can lead to emotional outbursts, confrontations or even manipulation by others.

With these fun facts about Aries, we’ll delve deeper into the emotional and physical attributes of the ram, while sprinkling in some cool mythological and astrological facts along the way.

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How much do you know about Aries?

Some of the coolest Aries facts we uncovered involve an impressive meteor shower, the Egyptian god of fertility, and several pop divas.

Whether you’re an Aries looking for insight into your own star sign, or a curious observer of the magnetic pull Arians have over others, you’ll learn so much more about this daring and bold Zodiac sign.

Are you ready to learn more about Aries? Let’s get into it and discover what makes Aries one of the most envied signs of the Zodiac!

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It’s time to dive deeper into all our Aries trivia

21 Fun Facts About Aries

1. What are the birthdates for Aries?

If you have a birthday between March 21st to April 20th you were born under the ram. Aries is the harbinger of new life with the first day of spring (vernal equinox) falling on the first day of Aries. Aries season is also Easter season.

2. What are some Aries strengths?

Can strength be a strength? If it is, this is an Aries superpower! Aries is known to be strong-willed, head-strong and determined. 

If you need a job done with passion, you need an Aries on your side. Arians are also full of energy and trust their intuition.

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Aries is often the sign spring is on the way

3. Is Aries a fire sign?

Yes, absolutely. Some would say Aries is the most fiery of all the signs! 

As the cardinal fire sign, Aries is considered the leader among the other fire elements in the Zodiac. What are the other fire signs? Leo and Sagittarius

4. Why you want to marry an Aries

If you’re looking for an adventurous and passionate partner that will keep you on your toes and never give in to boredom, Aries is the perfect partner for you!

As a natural leader, Aries is good at direct communication and decision-making, making them the perfect partner for the more easy-going signs of the Zodiac.

5. What are some of Aries’ worst traits?

All of that passion and fire bubbling under the Aries surface can sometimes erupt into bad temper and impulsive outbursts.

These outbursts are often doubled up by an Arian tendency to be insensitive to other people’s emotions. Arians live with their hearts on their sleeves!

facts about aries women
A ram is the symbol of Aries

6. Why is Aries represented by the ram?

The ram most obviously represents masculine energy. Rams are also known to be temperamental and have strong heads. 

Hmm, is this sounding a little familiar to all the things we have been saying about Aries? Also a ram’s horn is the vessel of a cornucopia, so it also represents abundance.

7. Do Arians have a sense of humor?

People born under Aries are absolutely hilarious! They are known to have a no filter attitude, so they’ll say what everyone else is thinking, often in a way that will have the whole room howling. They’re also mischievous and love a good practical joke.

8. What planet rules Aries?

For Aries, it’s all about the red planet, Mars. It’s no wonder the color most associated with Aries is red. 

Being ruled by Mars means that Arians are full of assertive energy. As the ruler of the 1st house of astrology, Mars makes Arians fearless.

who are aries compatible with
Arians partner well with Leo and Sagittarius

9. Who is Aries most compatible with?

What intrigues someone made up of such fire? More fire of course! The best signs for Aries friendship and love is Leo and Sagittarius

Leos will not allow Arians to dominate, which they find extremely attractive. Sagittarius will match Aries’ enthusiasm and they can tackle life boldly together.

10. Who are the enemies of Aries?

Aries energy is not every Zodiac sign’s cup of tea. The more introverted signs like Capricorn and Cancer can’t hope to match the intensity of Aries and often feel dominated and bullied.

Another bad match? Another Aries. Try putting two rams in the same pen and see what happens!

11. Aries in mythology

We’re diving into Egyptian mythology for these facts about Aries. Aries was associated with the Egyptian god Amun-Ra – the god with a ram’s head that represented creativity and fertility. 

In Egypt, Aries was known as the “indicator of the reborn sun” as the constellation was prominent in the shorter nights of spring. 

amun ra
Aries was associated with the Egyptian god Amun-Ra

12. The first sign in the Zodiac

Most of us consider January 1st to be the New Year, but that’s not the case in the Zodiac. March 21st is the Cosmic New Year with Aries being the first sign.

This primo spot positions Aries as the best leader in the Zodiac. Think of Aries as the successful older sibling that the others are striving to emulate.

13. Are Arians known to be healthy?

Arians are notorious health nuts and are often considered the healthiest sign in the Zodiac. A reason for this is their competitive streak which pushes them to the highest echelons of fitness.

It’s no surprise that superstar athletes Mo Farah (March 23rd), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (April 16th) and Maria Sharapova (April 19th) are all Aries.

14. Aries in the night sky

Aries is one of the simplest constellations comprising 4 main stars. The brightest star in Aries is Hamal which has a visible magnitude of 2.01. 

Find Aries between the latitudes +90° and -60° (Anywhere from South America to the North Pole!) In March and April, Aries is completely hidden behind the sun.

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This is the constellation of Aries in the night sky

15. More constellation of Aries facts

The Aries constellation is a hotbed for meteor shower activity. Incredibly, there are six major meteor shower events radiating from Aries on a regular basis. 

The most impressive of these is the Daytime Arietids that shoot through the sky each year from late May to early July producing up to 60 shooting stars an hour!

16. Famous March Arians

Incredibly, many of the biggest musical superstars were born in late March under the passionate and determined sign of Aries.

The list includes, Aretha Franklin (March 25th), Elton John (March 25th), Diana Ross (March 26th), Mariah Carey (March 27th), Lady Gaga (March 28th), and Celine Dion (March 30th). How’s that for some serious Aries diva energy!

17. Famous April Arians

Looking to win an Academy Award for acting? You may have a leg up on the competition if you were born an April Aries.

Some Oscar winners born during this time include, Marlon Brando (April 3rd), Heath Ledger (April 4th), Russell Crowe (April 7th), Adrien Brody (April 14th), and Emma Thompson (April 15th). 

famous aries
Lady Gaga is one of the most famous Arians

18. Aries in the bedroom

Come on Aries, leave something for the other Zodiac signs! We’ve already touched upon how Arians have a wicked sense of humor, a health-conscious attitude, and a strong will, so is there any surprise they’re also masters in the bedroom?

With their confidence, high-sex drive and passion, Arians are some of the most exciting romantic partners out there!

19. Can you manipulate an Aries?

Arians are fearless. But this can be a double-edged sword. Striving for success without considering the consequences can put an Aries in some dangerous situations. 

This is why Aries is often seen as the most naive of the astrological signs. Ambition can make an Aries blind to manipulation.

20. What gift should you buy an Aries?

Arians loves to receive personal and uplifting gifts. Since Aries season is the start of spring, something to bring them out of the winter blues is the perfect pick! 

A bouquet of radiant flowers or a bold piece of art are two fantastic options for a fiery Aries.

bunch of flowers
Flowers are the perfect gift for Arians

21. Best career paths for Aries

The leader of the Zodiac is well-suited to managerial and top-end business jobs. Any career that requires passionate determination and unshakable decision making will suit an Aries perfectly. 

Aries also make great business owners because they have an adverse reaction to failure. They will do what it takes to make their business succeed.

Who wants more fun facts?

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We really hope you enjoyed all our fun facts about Aries! Did you learn something new? 

If there’s any Aries facts we missed, you can let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to this article! 

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