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20 Fun Facts About Cats

Looking for the best fun facts about cats? From cats sleeping all the time to what they mean when they meow, check out these amazing cat facts now!

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From the ancient Egyptians to modern-day pet owners, everyone loves cats. And why wouldn’t they? We mean, who can resist those mini headbutts and their padded toe beans as they beg us for food and cuddles?

But did you know that cats don’t just headbutt you to show affection? Did you know they do this to mark their territory as well?

These are just some random fun facts about cats that you’re about to learn about.

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Did you know cats can have dichromy with different colored eyes?

But here’s one you’ve probably heard of: cats always land on their feet. They do, right? Or is this just a myth?

Did you know cats are allergic to indoor human environments where there’s a lot of dust, human dandruff, and cigarette smoke. So, if you’re ever complaining about pet hair on the carpet, try cleaning under the bed for a change. Your cat will be more than thankful for its 3:00am under-the-bed adventures.

From their sleep cycle to their cleaning habits and even their response to catnip, here are 20 random cat facts you probably didn’t know.

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How much do you know about cats?

20 Fun Facts About Cats

1. They’re flurry little sleepy heads

Cats spend, on average, 70% of their lives sleeping. This is equivalent to a whooping 13 to 16 hours a day. We all wish we could get that much sleep in our lives. Talk about beauty sleep!

2. They’re extreme germophobes

And when they are awake, cats can spend between 30 to 50% of their day cleaning themselves. That’s equal to spending half your waking life taking a shower. So, next time you judge your furry friend for being dirty, chances are, they’re a lot cleaner than you!

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Cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day

3. Cats are allergic to humans

There’s a chance that your cat is allergic to you. 1 in every 200 pet cats has asthma. And the causes range from indoor cigarette smoke, human dandruff, dust, and even pollen. Most of these are a result of human interaction and domestication.

4. A cat’s purring says a lot about its body

Here’s a fun fact about cats: a purring cat isn’t always a happy cat. While most people think that purring is a sign of happiness, it can also occur during high levels of stress and sickness. Cats may also purr excessively when giving birth. Unfortunately, scientists still aren’t sure what causes a cat to purr or what purpose it serves.

5. Your love for cats goes back a long way

Many historical figures like Florence Nightingale, Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, and even Pope Paul II loved cats. Cats have been the favorites of lots of important people in the past. Now you know your love for these creatures transcends time!

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It’s thought there are 40-70 different cat breeds

6. In fact, your love for cats is ancient

Even the Ancient Egyptians loved cats. The earliest evidence of domestic cats has been dated back to 3,600 BCE. They considered cats sacred due to their pest control abilities, and cats were their most loving animals. Let’s be honest, not much has changed since then. 

7. The first domestic cat was called the “Mau”

The oldest domestic cat breed is the Egyptian Mau. This cat breed still exists today and is among some of the fastest breeds in the world. 

8. Your cats do love you back

Everyone thinks that cats are unloving, but they really aren’t. In fact, they love you as much as you do. That’s why they constantly rub they head against you. It’s either that, or it’s marking its territory. Either way, it’s fond of you. 

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Come on, how beautiful are cats?

9. Cats only meow to humans

And that’s why cats have developed a special language to communicate with humans: meowing! Cats don’t meow at each other. Instead, they either communicate through body language or hissing. 

10. More cats are adopted than dogs

Cats lead dogs as the most popular pets in the US, with over 88 million pet cats being kept inside US households. On the contrary, only 75 million dogs are kept as pets. Although dogs have the upper hand in physique and power, humans still love cats more. 

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11. But most cats are not adopted at all

Despite this, only 24% of the cats are in rescue centers and shelters by US citizens. Most cats in shelters end up not being adopted at all. Cats aren’t just for Christmas, they’re for life!

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Technically, cats are more popular than dogs

12. Your cat is most probably European

Americans weren’t always this fond of cats. Cats were introduced to the Americans by the Europeans in the 1750s. They initially controlled pests like rats and gophers. It was only over time that we fell in love with them so much.

13. Felicette – the first cat in Space!

Did you know cats have been to space? Well, at least one cat has anyway. Felicette, a curious little feline, survived traveling into space and back in 1963. She launched on a rocket into the sky and landed back down on her feet with the help of a parachute. This is definitely one of our favorite fun facts about cats!

14. Cats don’t always land on their feet

Despite what everyone says, cats don’t always land on their feet. They only do so when falling from a height higher than 7 stories. That way, they have enough time to correct themselves and land on their four paws. From stories 2 to 6, cats don’t have enough time to get themselves upright, resulting in injury. 

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Cats landing on their feet it a myth!

15. The science behind liquid cats

A cat’s spine has 53 very loose bones. This means it is able to slink along and bend its body a lot more than humans who only have 34 bones in their spine. Also, the fact their spines are fused in the same way means they can get into and through the tiniest holes.

16. Cats can’t chew

You have the upper hand when it comes to moving your jaw sideways. Cats can’t make the grinding motion, which is why they are unable to chew . They just rely on tearing and swallowing their food or crushing cat biscuits.

17. Your kitty is nearsighted

Even though cats are revered for their eyesight, you’re much more likely to see further away that a cat. However, it’s only when objects are close to you that cats are much better at seeing them.

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We are just loving all of these random cat facts

18. Built-in cat night vision

Although cats can’t see far away, they have better night vision and peripheral eyesight. That’s why they can see much better in the dark than you. It’s almost the same as having night vision goggles on.

19. Catnip – the feline high

Cats respond to catnip because the plant releases a chemical substance. This is picked up by their nose and mouth receptors and stimulates their senses. It’s basically the cat form of heroine (without the longterm side effects or addiction). So, now you know why your cat loves the smell of catnip.

20. Not every cat likes catnip

Despite that, more than half of the cats in the world remain unaffected by the smell. And unlike a few of these other random cat facts, scientists can’t understand why. It seems like half the cats go completely wild after smelling catnip, while others couldn’t care less. 

Who wants more fun facts?

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