World Facts

Are you looking for the ultimate world facts? From Australia all the way through to Zambia, check out these fun world facts now!

Whether you’re looking for fun facts about Copenhagen or you’ve really wanted to learn all about Colombia, we’ve got you covered with these world facts.

Some of these world facts are just unbelievable. Like did you know that you can’t buy Cola-cola in Cuba and North Korea? These are the only two countries to have banned the western products.

Or what about this mind-boggling fact about the Sahara desert – it used to be a tropical forest! It may now be known for being the world’s hottest desert, but just 6,000-years-ago, this dry land was a lush rainforest with thick vegetation and high rainfall. Fascinating, huh?

If you want to impress your friends with your new found information, then check out these fun world facts that will really amaze you!

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